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A bad moon rising…

A full red moon lurking
Can you feel it watching you?

Awrooo! I spied a Blood Moon as I wended my weary way (ooh! alliteration!) back from Muay Thai buttkicking (my butt got kicked) tonight… And suddenly, inexplicably, had the urge to write a short little paragraph (Kristia, I can hear you laughing hysterically…) just to prove that yes, I am still alive, and I’m slowly working my way back to actual blog land. That is to say, more than one blog a month. One can hope…
This is a musical one – it cannot be anything else. When the moon lurks low in the sky, all eerie and fat and gothically self-satisfied, my back itches and I feel like B-grade movies and gloomy emo kids and getting all wild for a little while. Down with the white picket fence, I say!

And the soundtrack to this? I’ve got a few to share…

Jace Everett – Bad Things. Okay, so this is probably the most recognisable riff in living memory due to True Blood, but it just doesn’t get old. Sexy, gritty, let’s-go-for-a-beer-and-a-quick-shag music. We don’t even have to go home: the alley behind the bar will do… Jace Everett – Bad Things

The Eels – Fresh Blood. Haunted and hunted by a gloomy dude with a soupstrainer beard and a general Amish-gone-Greenside look about him? Bring it on! Eels Fresh Blood – check the beard!

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising. D’oh.

Shadowclub – Guns & Money. These local boys just get me ready to go ape on the dancefloor. Not too shabby as eye-candy goes either… Shadowclub Guns & Money

Mr Cat and the Jackal – Bad Man’ He Comin Soon. No music video as yet – but come on, after watching this, can’t you feel it in the air? First installment: Bad Man’ He Comin.

Alabama 3 – Too sick to pray. I don’t need no doctor, I’m sure I’ll get better… Take away them pills man! Alabama3 Too Sick to Pray

Massive Attack – Paradise Circus. Tricksy and insidious, this tracks works itself into your brain and makes you move in mysterious ways. Sorry U2. Paradise Circus all a trippin’

So there. It’s a short post. Terribly short. But it’s only because I have to go hunt me down some bunnies now before the moon disappears. And maybe skinny dip. It’s that kind of night.

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