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Big eyes? Bawl!

Rapunzel from Tangled
Are all those little Lindt balls for me?! Rapunzel getting all wide eyed...

I’ve found yet another thing that stimulates the volatile pits of oceandom that are my tearducts. I call it “bigpeepers sobbytissueis”. Or “those characters with the bloody big eyes in animated movies make me cry.” And I don’t mean the big-eyed babes of Anime fame. They get a totally different kind of reaction (ask any guy or geek) than the random Disney or Pixar characters that so offend my delicate sensibilities.

Squirt from Finding Nemo
Oh hey, anybody seen an orange clownfish around? Nemo's laid-back seaturtle friend Squirt. Who's a cute sea-turtle then?

Consider the scenario: a birthday dinner for my middle sister. She’s one year shy of the big 3-0 (bwuhaha! Share my trauma!) and has two little rugrats running around. Well, the one runs, the other mostly just drools and laughs when poked. The running rugrat has a special love of animated movies, as kids do, so when my sister popped Tangled into the DVD player, little Mea was hooked.

And so was I. In fact, I promptly stopped eating and stopped conversing with the other adults around the table to sneak constant peeks at the TV screen. After a while everybody realized I found the movie more interesting than their conversation so I felt free to start the type of running commentary my friends Kristia and EJ are so familiar with and that my brother in law calls logical brain spillage in a totally illogical situation. I was questioning the horse’s prowess as a wannabe crime fighter dog and wondering whether it hurt to drag so much hair around (in the case of the girl character. This being a take on the Rapunzel fairytale.). And then I was wondering about random bits and pieces of no relevance whatsoever in a fairytale world and then…

Puss in Boots
The master of big-eyed cuteness: Shrek's Puss-in-boots.

The pretty sky lanterns went up and Rapunzel looked at her beloved with those big green eyes… And I blubbed. I’m 31 years old (the horror!) and I totally cried because of animated lanterns and big eyes. I think I hid it from my parents, but I suspect little Mea might have noticed. Luckily the kid kept her mouth shut. I might have had to bash her over the head with the incontent dinosaur toy she loves and uses as a bath toy. Anyway, I love animated movies and don’t plan to avoid them, so I’ll just add crying to the long list of annoying things I do while watching movies. You have been warned, all future movie watchers…

And here, just to prove that nobody can blame me, a collection of big-eyed critters ready to go all cute on yer ass!

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!
It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!
Despicable Me
Eye overload!
Pascal from Tangled
Chameleons don't have to try very hard to be cute... Pascal also played a part in Tangled's sob fest
And last but not least... Wall-e!
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