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Year two: cotton and zombies…

Zombie warning signs: convincing
Yes, that means you!

In these trying times it’s important to be prepared for every eventuality. We all need a bit of a fortress, a metaphorical Fort Klapperkop to hide in after a crappy day, a hidey-hole that protects us against the stresses and trials and tribulations of modern society. And the greatest of these three? Zombies.

Zombie voodoo dolls
Don't let the sweet little heart fool you!

Zombies aren’t known for their finesse, so it’s best to use a very straightforward way to warn them off. Red is a good colour, bold and eye-catching. Cotton is absorbent – you don’t know when things might get splattery.

It also helps to have a partner in imagination who understands exactly what’s needed to keep the brain-munching masses at bay. Hence this sign of epic geek proportions. Zombies stand slack-jawed in awe. Of course, they might try their luck by scratching at the surface a bit… Which is why there are bullet holes. And some gore. And just for in case they didn’t get the message… Toss a zombie voodoo doll into the mix!

I’m gonna go geek out a bit more now… And stick some pins in some brain-draining zombies…

PS: Kristia and Jian, they can be made to order! 🙂

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  1. I’ll eat your brains and gain your knowledge!

  2. That. Is. Too. Cool!

    Most awesome wedding anniversary gift ever. Mad props!

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