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Yay for bunnies!

I think it’s pretty clear by now that I have a thing for bunnies. So even though I’m bummed that 2011 doesn’t mean anything particular for me – I was born in a Year of the Monkey, which figures – I’m still thrilled that The Year of the Metal Rabbit will officially start on 3 February 2011. So to celebrate, here are some pretty pics featuring my second-favourite animal (after Her Royal Highness Queen Peroni): the noble rabbit.

Artwork by Dan May
Dan May's contribution to INLE, click on pic for more info!
Artwork by Greg Simkins
A twisted take on Watership Down by Greg Simkins for INLE - click on pic for more info.
An old bunny pin-up image
Playboy Bunnies used to be way more conservative...
Ryohai Hase's Mary musth
Ever woken up and just felt like a bunny? Yep. Check out Ryohei Hase's beautiful work at
Dawn ng's Walter installation
There you are, walking along, when a giant rabbit catches your eye. Check out Walter's escapades at
antique bunny-themed nengajō from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston collection.
1915 - Bunny in bed: antique bunny-themed nengajō from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston collection.
Canadian postage stamp
Bunnies via post...
Awesome dustbunny by Andre Chasqueira
My favourite: a specially designed bunny for dustbunniesproject by good friend Andre Chasqueira. It rocks.
An image by Darla Teagarden
Fanciful bunny flights - the only way to travel. Absinthe Wonderland is one of Darla Teagarden's magical photography projects, check more out at
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