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WTF? My point exactly…

Because we all have those random facepalm moments, Estudio Minga‘s series of WTF? prints strike a chord… The first series was pretty awesome, so the guys have dropped another one… If you haven’t discovered their creative whimsy yet, do yourself a favour and hop on over to their website… I’m suggesting a few more moments they could WTFify:

  • Julius Malema in a canoe
  • Journalists campaigning against Wikileaks
  • The president of China using Google
  • The Pope apologising (in general)
  • Sarah Palin in her own reality show (Oh, wait…)

Here are some of my faves from Minga…

WTF? design from Estudio Minga.
Feeling like a deer caught in the headlights?
WTF? print from Estudio Minga
My, the piranhas are big this season...
WTF? print from Estudio Minga
My, what a long trunk you have...
WTF? print from Estudio Minga
Paragliders need leadership too...
WTF? print from Estudio Minga
A new level of kitsch. I want it.
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