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The traveller’s lament…

Stephen Jake Friedman

My friend Stephen Friedman lives the kind of life that some of us only dream of… A surfer, model and adventurer, he’s also working non-stop on his own television show, The Blueprint Travel Show. Stephen’s currently travelling a bit of Europe: it was supposed to be an extended break, but true to his energy and drive to DO things, he’s found himself working as he goes along. And somewhere along the way, he’s got a bit homesick… So he wrote me a bit of a traveller’s lament!

The Blueprint Travel Show: Finding my feet

“I haven’t written for a while, the reason being that I’ve been really busy… And to be honest, my mind’s been all over the place. I can’t even remember where I left off or what day it is any more. I’ve got into a routine of waking up and going to bed, and I don’t remember what’s happened in between. But over the past few days I’ve been able to think back. Basically, like older people do when they think back, back to the good old days, when prices were reasonable and politicians were honest. I’ve been taking a lot of photos… and boy, the things I have seen and done, did that really happen?!

Europe does something to you. If you come from the place where I come from, South Africa, it makes me wonder – could I ever live here? I know all my buddies will rip me off, but I heard the Waka Waka song from the World Cup and it led me to this conclusion: that I am from Africa and I’m proud to come from a country where our blood has stained the soil red. Unlike the history of Europe, which has moulded the world we live in today, but makes me feel like I’m trapped.

I know I’m supposed to write about my amazing adventures. And don’t get me wrong, I’m having an amazing time, but I’m missing the rush of crossing a road in South Africa and wondering if I’m going to get hit by a car, as compared to here where you wait for the little green man even if the road isn’t busy. You’re controlled by computers, the train arrives at this time, and leaves at this time, everything just works. Everything is very predictable; if I lived here I think they would know my time of death. Tomorrow isn’t a mystery here!

So I bet you’re reading this and asking yourself, ‘Steve, what are you doing, you’re in Europe!’ Okay. So, I will let you know that being in Europe means that you can have a breathtaking life-lesson experience, but you have to be willing to bend the rules, be spontaneous and just let go. From the amazing food, parties, music, interesting people that make Europe so unique, to some of the prettiest backdrops, from the forests and lakes of the Alps, the oceans that the great explorers sailed, to the old buildings with their history and blood-stained walls that are covered in layers and layers paint, drowning the past. Europe is unique all on its own; you just have to find your feet. I just saw snow on top of the Alps!”

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    • yep. play nice with me and I might consider inviting him to a B-grade horror evening. He also does kareoke. he’s awesome. 😉

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