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Pop sugar bunnies and braiiins!

Bunny shaped sugar lumps
Who's been a bad bunny? You? Right...

Today had a sweetly twisted flavour to it… In fact, as I speak, I’m watching an NCIS agent carry a dead and bleeding rat by the tail up a staircase in an abandoned ship… Yes, all the crew have mysteriously disappeared. And I’m betting Ebola or some other dodgy bloody death is about to happen. One can but hope.

But I digress. Things actually started out with bunny-shaped sugar cubes. I love it when people know what makes me tick! I don’t know where I can actually buy these, but I need to find out. It could be a whole new spin on the eating-a-Caramello-bear-procedure: first dunk the ears, then the head, watch the sugary droplets melt into your tea… PC bunny death by boiling water!

And then it got better. I saw the trailer for The Walking Dead, director Frank Darabont‘s new zombie TV series adapted from the monthly comic book by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. It’s launching in the US on Halloween this year. And it will rock. “The sun ain’t gonna shine anymore….”

So all this day needed was a soundtrack… And okay, I admit: Amy Meredith is not the type of music that would necessarily suit a zombie apocalypse. Well, maybe an upbeat one. But this Australian band’s sheer glorious poppiness have been making me awfully happy ever since my Sydney-based friend sent me one of those magical things called care packages. And in it, a copy of their first album, Restless. I love it madly.

Amy Meredith band
Camping? Billabongs? Nah...

I was first introduced to their music when said Sydney friend passed me a link to first single Pornstar. And it only got better. They’re all catchy hooks and showy lyrics and bubbles. There’s a tiny bit of Metro Station and a pinch of The Bravery worked in there somewhere. Lying has a brilliant music video (which I was lucky enough to see before Sony Music blocked South African access to their vids. Doesn’t it just make you totally de moer in?*), Young At Heart is a killer song, Carry On gets you belting along at the top of your lungs, and Late Nights has been driving me totally insane trying to figure out which old-school track they sampled. I know it for sure and it’s on the tip of my tongue all the time, and actually SO recognizable: “nah nananananah na nananananah…” I’d appreciate it if someone could put me out of my misery and give me the name!

So all in, a good day for wonderful pop cheesiness. I’m happy.

* On a random point of misery: I would have linked to their YouTube vids, except that their official videos are now blocked. General YouTube vids are recordings of live shows and acoustic sessions, it doesn’t always give you the full idea, but you can give it a go. Check out their MySpace page to get a taste of the music. But it is incredibly annoying. And a debate I’ll probably get into on another day.

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  1. JianJun JianJun

    well, I am a chinese boy, my english is poor,

    But, please tell me , how to buy this kind of suger !!

    please, I need this for my lovely girl !!

    Thanks a lot ! , Well , you can call me Jacky

    • Hey Jacky, to be honest, I have no idea where to buy this! It got passed on to me by a friend… Try Googling “bunny-shaped sugar”, maybe something comes up!

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