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A fisheye view…

So my first batch of lomography photography has been developed, with mixed results. Clearly I have a few things I still need to learn, like how to move the film on properly, when the flash is useful, where the sun is in the sky when I’m taking the pic… But I’m loving the results. Some of the pics have a real faded vintage feel to them. Looking forward to loads more experiments! Some pics below…

Peroni, a black, white & brown patchy cat, reclining on a bed. Fisheye view!
Her Royal Highness Queen Peroni doing what she does best: reclining.

A man wearing a bear mask passed out on the grass during Oppikoppi 2010.
The Teddy Bears' picnic got a bit out of hand at Oppikoppi this year...

A brown chicken at the zoo.
Chicken Little's meeting with Farmer Brown was set to go well...

Mea, a pretty blonde toddler, posing on a rock at the zoo.
Mea. Just the most beautiful thing ever.

Close-up of Jasmine in bloom with house and blue sky in the background.
This is suburbia.

A huge blow-up yellow Octopus floating in a pool
Cthulhu in happier days.

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