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Shutting up is hard to do…

Quest for Creativity Day 14 & 15, lessons 14 & 15: I suffer from verbal diarrhea. It’s hard to shut up in a creative way.

Word counts, schmord counts… I’m not one for curbing the urge to write copious amounts of (what I consider) brilliant prose to inspire the masses aka you. So it’s a bit of a challenge to creatively shut up. Here’s my attempt. Some piccies that have pleased and (hopefully) inspired me the past two days…

Patricia Waller artwork: crocheted cat spilling its guts.
Here kitty kitty... Check out more at

Patricia Waller’s artwork is nice and twisted… And she crochets it! You have to check out more here.

Pretty Jasmine-patterned dress from Modcloth.
This is why I want to spend all my money at Modcloth.

Yes, it’s a dress. I can’t help myself.

An artwork from Melissa Haslam's 2010 Botanica exhibition.
Rabbit: an artwork from Melissa Haslam's 2010 Botanica Exhibition

Check out Melissa’s stuff on her blog and exhibition site.

Owl, a print from Kirbee Lawler's Forest Friends series.
I'm planning to buy all Kirbee Lawler's stuff, so hurry if you want anything! This one is called Owl, from her Forest Friends' series.

Check out Kirbee’s stuff on her blog and Etsy site.

Tim Apter from Double Adapter rocking it out at Discotheque.
Double Adapter rocking it at Discotheque at The Assembly. Photo: Adriaan Louw

My friend Tim looks rad in this pic. Yes, I used the word rad. More pics from the evening here.

Balloon Girl, a fine-art photography image by Elle Moss
It's quirky and pretty and innocent...

This makes me want to float off. Check out Elle Moss’s stuff at her Etsy page.

An image from Steffe K's flickr photostream
Cats. We all want to be them.

Steffe K’s got a quirky touch when it comes to photography. Check out her stuff on flickr.

A white kitten in a lolcat image
I felt like this today.

No visual blog is complete without a lolcat.

Movie poster for David Fincher's Social Network
Oh yes, Mark Zuckerberg...

David Fincher’s making a new movie. You want to find out what it’s about here.

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